Baggy Pants

Skateboarding is not just a hobby ? it is a lifestyle. Get on your board and explore the world, or at least the nearest spot or skatepark. To try out the sketchiest moves, you will need proper clothing. The choice of pants is especially important. Your legs demand some space to move freely. Therefore, the pants have to be wide enough. Do not worry, we got you. Homeboy offers a wide variety of neat baggy pants to choose from.

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A bunch of different materials

Our baggy jeans have many faces and all of them convince with sturdiness. We are skaters ourselves, so we picked only the finest materials for our pants. Find your favorite from these different styles:

  • Corduroy: When it comes to skatewear, corduroy pants are a timeless classic. Quite literally, as the corduroy ensures that they are durable. A partner you can truly rely on. As a bonus, they keep you warm, which comes in handy when the temperatures are low. They also give off some vintage vibes.
  • Denim: Of course, we had to include baggy jeans. They are the OG when it comes to streetwear. Almost straight from the 90s and 00s, we made some small adjustments to fit modern demands. Thanks to the fabric, they are tear-proof and comfy. To sum it up: they are the perfect choice for everyday life. To fit your personal taste, the colors range from a light blueish color to a dark denim tone.
  • Chinos: Looking for something fancier? Chino pants are made of a lightweight material that lets your skin breath. Because of the way they look, they have a modern taste to them, which makes them suitable for more occasions than just the curb. Match them with your outfit and grab a pair of olive-green, black, or beige pants.
  • Cargo: Try our cargo pants if you need some more space. They got extra pockets in which you can keep all your belongings you need for the day. We chose cotton and ripstop fabric to make them breathable yet robust. Pick between an elegant black pair or different olive tones.

All our baggy pants have an oldschool vibe we love. Still, we adjusted our models to our taste and along modern requirements. Even though the legs are quite wide, they are tapered starting at the knee. This pattern ensures that the hem will lie on your sneakers nicely when worn so you do not step on it. For summer, we also have baggy shorts in stock.

You will find our signature details on our baggy pants. We used our well-known fly-tab in various colors of the rainbow at the back pocket and our piece of embroidery that says “homeboy x-tra” on our x-tra BAGGY pairs right below the belt loop on the front. Concerning the baggy jeans and baggy corduroy pants, we stitched an X on both of their back pockets. All these features make them truly stand out.

Baggy pants: your style ? your choice

Next to various fabrics, we also offer diverse shapes. You can choose between three different types which all have a difference in width.

  • Our x-tra LOOSE baggy pants are tailored like a regular pair of jeans. Having a straight leg, they are no baggy pants per se. The perfect choice if you want to wear something comfy.
  • If you are looking for classic baggy pants, our x-tra BAGGY is made for you. Thanks to their wide legs, you can skate around and try new moves.
  • Need even more room to skate? Then try our x-tra MONSTER baggy pants. Their cut lives up to their name.

Try “The Original Baggy Pants”

Express your passion with our clothes and wear “The Original Baggy Pants”. Its name is not an empty phrase. Homeboy was one of the first brands worldwide that wanted to bring streetstyle closer to all passionate skaters. And luckily, we were successful. Even though many people were skeptical at our attempt, we proved them wrong and showed them what true dedication looks like.

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