Baggy Jeans

What comes to you mind immediately, when you think of skating? Your favorite deck? Rails and curbs? Halfpipes? All these are essentials for said sport. But what is equally important is the right clothing for it. Your pants should give you some space instead of constricting you. Therefore, they need to fit oversized for you to move freely yet fit well enough that they do not slip. Sounds complicated? Not with our baggy pants.

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Always ready for the next session

Our baggy jeans combine a stylish look and practicability. They are made of denim, a sturdy material that was first produced in Nîmes, in the South of France, hence the name. Thanks to its weave, the cotton fabric is highly tear-proof. In other words: even if you fall while practicing moves, you do not have to worry about your pants. We also use elastane to ensure a certain degree of flexibility.

Our baggy jeans give off a true 90s vintage vibe. They have five pockets: two in the back, two in the front and a small one above the right front pocket. Thus, you have plenty of room for your wallet, your keys, and your phone. To fit your style, you can choose from different shades of blue and black. What about pitch black? Or a washed-out light denim tone of a dad jeans? It is up to you.

To complete the oldschool feel, we added some well-known Homeboy details, like our multicolored “homeboy x-tra” embroidery in blue, yellow and orange. The back pockets have an X stitched on them. There, you also find our rainbow fly tab. Furthermore, we placed our iconic Homeboy logo in black and white right at the belt loop.

Baggy jeans: Which width do you prefer?

All our baggy jeans sit perfectly on your hips. That is why you can wear them everywhere, not only at the skate park. To emphasize your personal style, just combine them with an oversized shirt and you are good to go. Besides their color they differ according to their width:

  • Our x-tra BAGGY version is a classic. It has everything you need: a comfortable fit, enough room, and a nice length.
  • Dare to try something more extreme? Grab a pair of x-tra MONSTER baggy pants then. The legs are particularly wide to give you a maximum of freedom to move.
  • On days when you do not want to wear baggy pants, change to our x-tra LOOSE fit. The jeans have a straight leg and still give off some streetstyle quality.

No matter which fit you choose, all of them are slightly tapered starting from the knee. So even if you wear our x-tra MONSTER pair of jeans, you do not risk stepping on the hem and tearing it. It will lie nicely on top of your sneakers and will stay there.

Find your perfect size

We want to provide any homie with a pair of jeans they can rely on. That is why we offer various sizes for you. Just grab a tape measure to find out your waist size and the length of your legs. After that, take a look at our table to match the two numbers.














Waist girth (in cm)













Our pants range from a leg length of 100 centimeters (L30) up to 112 centimeters (L34).

Be part of the Loud Culture

You may have already seen our tagline “The Original Baggy Pants” that we print on the inside of our pants. It is in fact true: Homeboy was the first brand in Europe that aimed at making street wear, and baggy pants especially, famous outside of the U.S. Thus, we brought them to Germany in the 1990s. This marks a milestone in the history of skate wear. We dared to take the first step and now we could not be happier. Skaters all around the world show their love towards the sport that has long since become a lifestyle. When will you join the crew?

Of course, we do not exclusively provide you with baggy jeans. If you are in the mood for some variety, we have some other baggy pants in stock, too. In summer, why not switch to baggy cargos or chinos? They are made of lightweight material. What about baggy shorts? Besides, you also find baggy corduroy pants in our assortment. The decision is up to you.