Wanja Bach


Wanja Bach

What´s your age?


Where were you born and what has influenced you most there?

In Bühl (Black Forest) nature has influenced me a lot.

Where do you currently live and what led you there?

Currently in Barcelona - sun - sea - skating - homies - girls

What is your biggest passion and what pushes you there?


What do you enjoy doing with your free time when you are not pursuing your biggest passion?

Go to the mountains and enjoy nature

Since when do you skate and what inspired you to do so?

Since I was 10, about 14 years old.

What is your favourite trick and why?

tre flip, nollie fs flip

What is your favorite spot and what makes it special?

Whole city bcn, paris plaza repuplic

Are you goofy or regular?


Which other sponsors do you have?

DC shoes, Grotesque, Stinky Socks Universal wheels, Lites Trucks, Titus karslruhe, Happy Bearings