Marcel Rieger aka Loco Papi


Marcel Rieger

What´s your age?


Where were you born?

I was born in Vienna

Where do you currently live and what led you there?

My current place of residence is Vienna. My mother led me there because she asked herself at a young age whether she wanted to move to Vienna or Paris. Vienna has won hahah

What is your biggest passion and what pushes you there?

My great passion is skateboarding. What drives me is my friends, the fun of skating and travelling around etc.

What do you enjoy doing with your free time when you are not pursuing your biggest passion?

In my spare time... phew... After work I go skating haha what else? Otherwise I hang out with friends and enjoy life.

Since when do you skate and what inspired you to do so?

Puhh I've been skating since I was 13 years old. I took a break from 9 years when I was 15 and then I got back on the board at the age of 24. What inspired me to skate is that you get on the board and you are free. You can do whatever you want.

What is your favourite trick and why?

My favourite trick is 360 flip, because it's too steeze!

What is your favorite spot and what makes it special?

Puhh my favorite spots are Donauinsel in Vienna, Macba in Barcelona and the Plaza Republique in Paris. I love big plazas, because there are always people meeting, you can skate, hang out and watch crazy people haha

Are you goofy or regular?


What other sponsors do you have?

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