Dima Prykhodko


Dima Prykhodko

What´s your age?

Twenty-five years, May 24, 1994.

Where were you born and what has influenced you most there?

I was born in the Ukraine (Kharkov). There I got my first BMX bike from my parents.  I will never forget the homies who patiently taught me the first tricks and I hope to see them all again soon.

Where do you currently live and what led you there?

I came to Germany with my parents about 13 years ago to Kelsterbach. Since about 3 years I live directly in Frankfurt. At that time I was already riding my BMX from Kelsterbach to Frankfurt 15 km per day, because there are nice spots here in Frankfurt and also several people who are always ready for a session.

What is your biggest passion and what pushes you there?

My biggest passion is BMX riding, I just love to put on my headphones and cruise around the city. When I'm on a BMX bike, I always feel so free and happy to do what I love and be as creative as I want.

What do you enjoy doing with your free time when you are not pursuing your biggest passion?

In my free time I also like to go on bike tours with my racing bike, otherwise I like to meet with friends where we play football every now and then. I also like to go out and party.

Since when do you skate and what inspired you to do so?

I have been riding BMX since I was 13 years old. I was actually just thinking about skateboarding or Bmx for my birthday, but I chose BMX because it makes me much more portable and with BMX it doesn't matter what kind of surface I ride on. 

What is your favourite trick / favourite motive and why?

Pegs hard 360.

What is your favorite spot and what makes it special?

Favorite Spot is the Bocki Curbs. There you always have your peace and quiet, you can ride a session with several people at the same time and the spot is nice and sunny. There is also a library cafeteria, where you can enjoy a session with coffee and snacks.

Are you goofy or regular?


Which other sponsors do you have?

Sibmx, Wethepeople, Odyssey, Ciaocrew, Deepend BMX Shop.