Sakari Leskinen aka Weskinen


Sakari Leskinen aka Weskinen aka Wesk

What´s your age?


Where were you born and what has influenced you most there?

I’m from Helsinki Finland, grew up here in the city and I am maybe most influenced by the harsh winter and having to skate indoors. My homies who skate here have also had a big impact on me skate-wise.

Where do you currently live and what led you there?

Still living in Helsinki, best city in the world??

What is your biggest passion and what pushes you there?

I’d say skateboarding is my passion, it is what I do and have been doing for quite some time. And having fun too.

Since when do you skate and what do you do when you´re not on the board?

I started skating for real when I was about 9 years old in elementary school. I had a board before that, but I didn’t really have any skate homies at the time. I do a little art every now and then, especially now that everyone has been home for a while I’ve been doing some stuff.

What is your favourite trick and why?

All the tricks I land are my favourites hah, just for a moment though, they change whenever I do some other trick hahah

What is your favorite spot and what makes it special?

Favourite spot is THE Suvilahti DIY park in Helsinki. Its our spot and being a part of the park and the family around it makes it special. Go sign the petition to save Suvilahti DIY!??

Which other sponsors do you have?

Element Skateboards, Ace trucks, Emerica and Lamina Skateshop